Senior Project

For my senior project, I created a political campaign centered around a character from a book. My campaign, titled 'Nolan for New York', was based on Francie Nolan from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. I designed a magazine based on the campaign, as well as multiple other pieces of collateral. The magazine won a 2021 Silver Student Addy! Click here to check out the campaign website, or here to flip through the magazine!

Magazine 1.png
Magazine 2.png
Magazine 3.png
Magazine 4.png
brand standards 1.png
brand standards 2.png
Postcard 1.png
Postcard 2.png
Postcard 3.png
Postcard 5.png
Postcard 4.png
Brochure 2.png
Brochure 3.png
Button 1.png
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